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Thiago Silva has a pop at Lionel Messi after Argentina beat Brazil

The defender says the GOAT tries to influence referees


Brazil captain Thiago Silva has had a bit of a pop at Lionel Messi after Argentina’s 1-0 win over the Selecao on Friday.

Messi scored the only goal of the game and was also embroiled in a bit of a spat with Brazil coach Tite, telling the 58-year-old to shut up during the game.

Silva has now accused the Barcelona captain of trying to influence the referee and says he showed a lack of respect to his fellow professionals.

“He wanted to rule over the game. He kicked two people and the referee did nothing. I argued with the ref and he kept laughing. You have to put admiration to one side.

“He always looks to force the referee to give them free-kicks in dangerous areas, he always acts in that way. We spoke with some players who play in Spain and the same thing happens, he looks to control the game and the referee’s decisions.

“In the Champions League he doesn’t have that advantage because the referees are tougher. You don’t see him trying to rule so much. There are referees that, because of their admiration for him, start to weigh in on his side. That we didn’t have Neymar on our side was a disadvantage.

“It’s hard to understand when we talk about respect on the pitch, and one of the most admired players in the world does that, you don’t do that to an older person but being that it was a coach... as much as there is rivalry, respect has to come first.

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The defeat was another tough result for Brazil that increases pressure on Tite. They haven’t won since the Copa America, while Argentina have now gone six games unbeaten.

Messi made his return to international duty for the match and made his feelings pretty clear afterwards saying “the rivalry is there more than ever and it is always good to beat Brazil.”

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