2019-20 Vision: A new season a new start

There are lot of opinions cules have for the next season but this is more like a dream I have for the next season. Remember that this is only my vision and I will do my best to justify my choices and am totally open to suggestions and/or differences in opinions. I am also apologising beforehand as this article may be far too long for your liking.


I personally feel that Valverede is far from the right man for the job. However I feel that he has shown more bal ... err guys than the previous season- marginally better rotations and line-ups. However, the only reason I would still stick with him( other than his contract extension) is that I do not see a suitable or viable replacement. Poch,Klopp,Pep,Tuchel are impossible, Setien is on and off - his results are a negative to his style. I love what Bosch has done at Leverkusen, but that ain't ever working at Barca thanks to minimal defensive contribution from Leo and Luis Suarez . Hence I just hope that Ernie regularly rotates and the club gets rid of the deadwood.

FORWARDS-There is no doubt that Leo and Dembouz are going to stay, as that Kevin Prince-Boateng is going to leave. I feel we should stick with Malcom for another year(Barca Center quoted him saying that he was ready to be the club's 14th player). He needs regular chances and I would really hate to see him leave and succeed at another club(like Paco). I personally feel that we should off-load Luis Suarez,in spite of everything he has done and all, and try to cash in 15-30 million for him. Suarez has been a liability more often than not and has also said that he would like to play for Ajax again, so I am thinking of (read as praying for) him to be included as a part of the De Ligt transfer. It is fairly obvious that we need a new striker and my favourites for our next no.9 are

.Timo Werner- Really needs no introduction. Contract runs out in 18 months so we could drive a hard bargain(hopefully). My only real concern was his absolute horror show in the WC where he fell drastically short of expectations. It would really suck if he came and failed to live up to his price tag( with this board-65 million if we're lucky)

.Luka Jovic- Brilliant striker with an eye for goals- strong, and good with his head, and about 20 million cheaper than Timo Werner. My concern is that he is more like Paco than Suarez and may not Really be the perfect fit for us.

.Maxi Gomez- Uruguayan replacement for Luis Suarez, has good experience in the La Liga as well. But I seriously have a feeling that if he comes, he really isn't good enough to compete for a place in the first XI.

.Haller- Jovic's Frankfurt team-mate is my personal favourite in this list. Good in the air, good finishing and good link-up play as well. He will certainly be cheaper than the other options, but the fact that he is still largely unproven and could end up as nothing more than a one-season wonder are my worst fears.

I hope Haller is signed but not rushed into the playing XI. I would like Dembouz and Couts to flank Leo as F9 and Haller to get used to playing through regular rotations.

Summary: OUTS-Suarez, Kevin Prince-Boateng IN- Sebastian Haller.

MID-FIELDERS- This is the most hotly debated area. Simply put-Busi stays sure, Raki has another 2 years to give us (and I seriously admire the professionalism in him) Arthur stays, Vidal has to stay( we lack physicality and fire without him). Frenkie comes in, Alena should play more and Sergi Roberto provides depth. I firmly believe Coutinho should stay. He fits in the no.10 role which Messi can play at the highest level for only2-3 years more. If he is patient and takes his chances- he can be the star of the next-gen team.

A lot of fans have been very vocal about Alena-FDJ-Arthur as our mid-field trio for the next season.

I myself would love to see it in action but do not believe it to be a trophy winning combo. This is primarily because it is hard to be a mid-fielder in the Barca style, and however good these players are, they need to play 1-2 seasons under Busi and Raki and then be expected to take charge of the mid-field. My preferred mid would be Raki- FDJ-Arthur with of course, regular rotations.

Summary:OUTS-Denis Suarez, Gomes,Arda, Samper and Rafinha. INS- FDJ( I personally don't want Rabiot to join. If he must, it should be in the 20-21 season by when Alena should have proven himself as a sure-starter. If not Rabiot can come in)

DEFENCE- I expect a fair lot of action in defensive transfers this summer. Pique has been exceptional off late and I believe that he has another season and a half at least over here. Jordi Alba, Semedo, Roberto,Titi and Lenglet should all stay. Vermaelen should be allowed to leave with Murrilo(who, sadly hasn't done much wrong). I would also love to see Jean-Clair Tofino being loaned out to Ajax for 2 years as a part of the De Ligt deal. He can return as the back-up Rcb two years later. I have no hate for Todibo but he is highly inexperienced and hadn't really proven himself as capable of being a ball-playing CB that we need. We also definitely need a back up LB, and Mendy is my first choice as Grimaldo seems highly unlikely.

I also don't mind playing three-man back with Titi-Lenglet-Pique, but feel that it won't work unless Sergi or Semedo play RM(3-4-3) formation and Malcom at lm, as I am impressed with his willingness to burst a lung for defensive duties. But Malcom had not been all that impressive on the left side, so it is a risk.

SUMMARY: OUTS-Vermaelen, Murrilo,Todibo(loan) INS-Ferland Mendy

GOAL-KEEPERS- MATS doesn't need a mention as he isn't going anywhere, but Jasper Cillesen does. It is no secret that he is far too good to be just a back-up. However I honestly don't see him leaving, as none of the clubs that would be willing to pay 30 million(at least) really need a first choice GK at the moment. If he does leave, I recommend signing a veteran who will be content with limited time(Patricio for example) rather than Onana who is a bright prospect who will be wasted here.

SUMMARY: No changed exepcted, would love to see MATS allow Cillesen to play 5-7 matches in the league as well.

Overall:- I hope to see a starting 11something like





For the team to really be successful, I think that the fans should feel confident and assured even if any 3 of Malcom,Vidal,Busi,Lenglet,Alena,new striker,new lb, sergi are rotated in to the playing XI. I am dtristro against the rotations by EV and feel that he has been giving more rest to those who don't really need it rather than those who are desperately begging for rest cough.Suarez..cough cough. Anyways,that's all I have,please do ask me about my opinions on other topics.

Sorry for the length of the article.

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