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Heated moments from el clásico: Reguilón, Suárez, Ramos, and others get into it

Reguilón calls Suárez ugly and taunts Messi, while the Uruguayan mocks him for crying.

Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona’s 1-0 win over Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabéu got very intense in some moments, as has been revealed in close-up video from El Día Después.

First we see a controversial action near the end of the first half, when Sergio Ramos catches Lionel Messi with an arm to the face. The Barcelona players protest to the ref while Ramos, according to the program, says “he has taken a dive, he has taken a dive!”

When Ramos goes to offer a helping hand to Messi, Messi doesn’t accept. This annoys Ramos, who withdraws his offer. Messi gets up under his own power, and the two captains put their heads together in an intense standoff.

Messi launches into a string of expletives while Suárez implores the ref, Undiano Mallenco, to check VAR. Messi, for his part, shows the blood coming from his busted lip.

As the players go into the tunnel for half-time, Jordi Alba is shown shoving Real Madrid’s matchday delegate, Chendo, aside.

In the second half, even Barça’s manager Ernesto Valverde, known for his calmness, loses his cool. After seeing Suárez get called for handball, his coach is seen protesting: “How can it be handball? How can it be handball? Are you freaking kidding me? Handball? Handball? Come on, man! Come on!”

Later, Suárez, with his hands on his hips, confronts the linesman. Speaking relatively calmly, the Uruguayan seems to be chewing him out, but it’s not clear what exactly he says. The linesman stoically ignores him. He barely blinks, in fact.

Then, Ramos gets booked for another foul on Messi. The Madrid defender screams his defense at Mallenco: “he took a dive!”

Afterwards, he says half to himself and half to the ref, in disbelief: “Every day worse, boss. Every day worse.”

Gerard Piqué goes up to receive the free kick in the box. He takes it as a chance to speak to Ramos and remind him of the incident in the first half.

“No way, it’s a lie,” Ramos says. He seems to explain that while he caught Messi with an arm, it was not on purpose.

Piqué would later say that he did not see the incident at the time, sarcastically admitting that while “there are Madrid players who hear kicks 25 meters away, I do not have the capacity to see them from 50.“ This in reference to Dani Carvajal, who claims to have heard a foul on Casemiro that resulted in a winning penalty goal for Real Madrid against Levante, which replays show was extremely dubious. At most, the defender may have grazed Casemiro’s leg, but not more.

At the same time as two defenders have their conversation, the beginning of a “beautiful friendship,” as El Día Después terms it. Sergio Reguilón and Suárez are talking. The striker comes at the left-back to give him a gentle pat on the back, in almost sarcastic manner. “You’re a clown,” Reguilón charges. “Don’t touch me.”

Suárez takes the chance to wind him up even more by giving him another pat. “Don’t touch me, ok?” Reguilón restates.

We can’t see what Suárez is saying, but Reguilón comes back next with “you’re the ugly one, you’re the ugly one.”

Reguilón comes at Messi next, “What are you saying? What’s bothering you? Flea, what? What’s your deal now?”

In the next action, we see Reguilón making his way to Suárez on the ground. Messi gets his in his way and attempts to impede him, the two shove each other. Suárez gets up in time to taunt the young defender with a mock crying motion. Reguilón had cried at full time in their previous meeting a 3-0 loss in which he had Madrid’s best chance but squandered it.

Reguilón hits back by calling him a rabbit, and then launching again with “you’re the ugly one, you’re the ugly one.”

He had to take this smashing tackle from Arturo Vidal as well:

The match was the fourth meeting between the sides this season, with Barcelona winning three and drawing the other one. Will we see these two clubs meet in the UEFA Champions League?

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