A Barca parallel: When you call 47 Ronin an action flick

Once upon a time I was served 47 Ronin trailer on the platter. It looked like a movie I have been waiting for all my life- Keanu Reeves yet again in full action all through the trailer, huge budget, different culture with some actual actors from far east in the mix. I was in awe and thought,

finally a becoming of what could be an outstanding story on a band of Samurai

I bought the ticket. In Switzerland, the movie tickets are one of the most expensive in the world. 25 Euro or something. Enough to buy grocery for atleast 5 days to eat well in Europe, if you really need a parable to draw parallels with. I wasn't rich, but I bought the ticket. I convinced few of my friends as well to join for the moving piece of art on 175 million $ budget. Because, I thought, 90 mins of entertainment could do well for me. It brings positiveness, happiness and becomes an integral part of a weekend spent well. Time spent is also the time gone, so hopefully it would rather be the one of many good times.

With the perceived deliberations and hopes in my mind, excited I was, I bought some over-the-top and overly priced snack, served as crumbs, and drinks from the passageway into the theater. Another 10 Euros, besides commutation, but who cares. It was for a good 90 mins to be spent with friends and feel good to associate myself to watching the movie on big screen.

Alas, that movie was a huge disaster. The 2 minutes of the action shown in the trailer was actually the 2 minutes in whole movie. The story-line was even more disappointing. So disappointing that I don't even remember how those 90 minutes went on and went by. What I do remember is that those 90 mins were the longest 90 mins of my life. I might have snoozed 2 times or 3, but that was also not what I paid for. I have a proper, cozy bed with climate control at home. But I chose to watch the movie cuz I am a huge fan of action movie. Little did I know that I would be cheated on with 0 action, 0 story and 0 legacy that the movie went on to build with a self-defeating ideology at the helm of it. Chris Morgan, the writer of the movie wrote it in such shambles that he is actually known for Fast and Furious series and not for his little stint with 47 Ronin.

The problem didn't just stop there. I became apprehensive of judging movie based on trailer, kind of book by the cover quote, but impact having reversed. I started going to fewer movies than before cuz I lost my patience to sit down for 90 minutes hoping something good out of it. In fewer words, I felt detached. Just 1 single movie almost killed my favorite hobby.

Now imagine watching 47 Ronin for 38 times a year...

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