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PSG are reportedly irritated by Barcelona’s silence over Neymar

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The Ligue 1 champions are not happy

Paris Saint-Germain v Dijon FCO - Ligue 1 Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Barcelona are playing games. The kind of games that Barcelona fans likely love and PSG brass are seemingly becoming irked by. Josep Maria Bartomeu’s strategy to bring Neymar back to Barcelona is making some people in Paris nervous. They don’t want to start the season with a disgruntled Neymar, and Barcelona are the best option for a transfer at the moment.

The Barcelona president is reportedly taking a few days off from talks with PSG, and it’s making folks nervous. Given how PSG bought Neymar from Barcelona, this isn’t a shocker. There’s nothing Bartomeu would probably love more than to not only get Neymar back for less than they sold him for, but to also drag PSG through the mud in the process.

Revenge is a keen thing in football. With Neymar wanting out, PSG asking too much for a frustrated player, and Neymar’s desire to play at Barcelona; Bartomeu has all the leverage. Now we wait and see if the hand he’s playing works out.