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PSG finish “tense” meeting with Neymar - report

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The saga continues

Neymar Jr’s Five World Final 2019 Photo by Christian Pondella/Getty Images

Paris Saint-Germain’s meeting with Neymar over a potential transfer to Barcelona has concluded, with all parties sure that the saga will continue, according to Diario SPORT.

The meeting was a tense affair, according to the report, in which both sides came with intractable positions. What’s more, Neymar seems to have a very curt relationship with PSG’s new sporting director - his compatriot, Leonardo. According to the report, Neymar has been in France for 50 days but this was the first time they communicated face-to-face.d yet to

One of Neymar’s agents, Pini Zahavi, has been the main intermediary and it is said he is an ally for Barça.

Rumors suggest Barcelona do not have salary space and do not plan on spending too much money on his transfer, so for the Catalans, the deal will only work if it’s at least in part a swap deal.

PSG will play a tune-up match against Dynamo Dresden in Germany, and it is understood Neymar will not travel with the team.