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Neymar interview with “information about his future” stolen

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Another program could have the interview shot from a different camera

Neymar Jr’s Five World Final 2019 Photo by Christian Pondella/Getty Images

A Brazilian TV show claims a Neymar interview with “important information about his future” has been stolen. The show “Aqui na Band” on UOL Esporte says they recorded the footage at the Neymar Jr. Institute but the memory card containing the material was taken from their vehicle.

The Brazilian forward has been the subject of intense speculation linking him with a move away from Paris Saint-Germain and back to Barcelona. A meeting between him and PSG took place today, where his future was discussed.

“Band” is seeking to recover the footage, which included other interviews as well.

Another show, Oh My Goal, says they kept rolling during the now-stolen interview and have offered to send it to “Band.”