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Antoine Griezmann: Messi is the #1, like LeBron James

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The new Barcelona forward had an NBA comparison in mind

2016 NBA Finals - Game Seven Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann has given an interview with Barça TV in which he praises his new club and its best player. Asked about Lionel Messi, the French forward said: “The #1, for me he is #1 like LeBron James in basketball. LeBron is the image of basketball, of the NBA, Messi is the image of football because he has something different to everyone else that you will only see every 30 or more years.”

In that way, Griezmann, a noted NBA fan, showed his admiration for the Los Angeles Lakers forward and three-time NBA Champion.

“All teams are different to Barça in terms of level of play,” Griezmann, who came from a very different style of play at Atlético Madrid, (certainly when compared to Barcelona) said.

“We will have fun inside and outside the pitch. and that’s why I’m here, to help how I can inside and outside the pitch.

“I’m excited to play in front of my new fans, I think they know me already. I’m someone who leaves everything on the pitch. For sure we will enjoy together.”