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Neymar’s father and lawyer meeting with Barcelona - report

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Tomorrow is a critical day for the return of Neymar

Brazil v Qatar Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Neymar’s return to FC Barcelona hinges in large part on an important meeting set to take place tomorrow between his father and lawyer and a representative of the club, according to Esporte Interativo.

André Cury, a key man for Barça in Brazil, is reportedly set to meet with two of the player’s most trusted confidents in a meeting that is seen by the Brazilian outlet as representing maximum importance.

Marcelo Bechler, who was the journalist who first broke the story of Neymar moving to Paris Saint-Germain, reported that there was a lot of optimism that the Brazilian star would be playing for Barça once again.

In addition, he tells us that while there are rumors of Barcelona including a player in the deal, PSG for the moment does not want to get either Philippe Coutinho or Ousmane Dembélé and prefers receiving the complete fee by itself.

Diario SPORT reports that while PSG initially set their asking price at 300 million euro, they have quickly moved their expectations downward. They speculate that he could end up costing less than the original 200 million that Neymar was originally sold for.