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Marco Verratti: If he wants to go, Neymar should be allowed to leave

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The PSG midfielder once was also linked with a move to Barcelona

FBL-FRA-LIGUE1-PSG-NICE Photo credit should read LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti has spoken out about the Neymar situation, opining that the Brazilian should be allowed an exit if he truly wants to leave.

“I prefer that Neymar continue with us. I have never heard him say he wants to leave. But I don’t know what he told the club. It would be disappointing to see him go. I’d never like to hear him say he wants to go, I’d prefer if he stayed,” the Italian said.

Neymar has been heavily linked with an exit from the Parisian club, with Barcelona mentioned as his #1 choice for where to play next. That situation is not too dissimilar from the one Verratti himself, when, in the same window in which Neymar ultimately left Barça, he was trying to make a move in the opposite direction. In the end, Verratti stayed at PSG and Neymar joined him.

“In that time I needed explanations from PSG, because I had seen things that were not fit for a club that wanted to win big competitions. Now, I’m happy of that decision to stay.

“Nobody forced me to stay, but I think if a player wants to go, he will always find a way to do it. When a player really wants to leave, the club has to let him go. I agree with what the club are asking for in the transfer, but you can’t keep a player that wants to leave the club.”