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Chilavert defends Messi, says Copa América was “prepared so Brazil would become champions”

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The legendary Paraguayan goalkeeper attacked CONMEBOL

Paraguay v Colombia - 2010FIFA World Cup Qualifier

One of Paraguayan football’s biggest legends, José Luis Chilavert, has come out in defense of Lionel Messi, while calling for a boycott of CONMEBOL.

Messi complained about the treatment he received alongside his Argentina, who finished third in Copa América.

Chilavert not only agreed with Messi, but went further, saying that the tournament was “prepared so Brazil would become champions,” in words published by Mundo Deportivo.

The former goalkeeper went on a full-throated attack on South America’s football organizing body:

“CONMEBOL is killing football. Why would they sanction Messi, if we live in a democratic world? The players need to unite and boycott CONMEBOL. VAR came to legalize corruption that exists in South American football, the company that controls VAR was a part of ‘FIFAgate.’ It makes me laugh that they say, ‘Chilavert was right.’”