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Barca Blaugranes and coronavirus: A letter to our community

We are going to need a little help


As we all know the coronavirus outbreak means no football for at least two weeks and possibly longer, it’s difficult to know at this stage what will happen next.

La Liga has been suspended, the Champions League too, Barcelona has pretty much closed down, and the players have all been sent home. A chaotic week for everyone really and we hope everyone stays safe and takes the right precautions.

But the news does also mean it’s quite tricky for us to do our jobs at BB right now. We have no matches to cover, no press conferences to follow, no training updates and so we are going to have to get really creative over the next few weeks (maybe months) with our coverage.

What now?

So, what to expect for now? Well, that’s a good question. There will still be a daily news thread (it may get smaller and smaller but it will still appear), and we’ll do our best to bring you any other news that appears. We should (all being well) still have a weekly podcast for you to enjoy but after that it gets a bit sketchy. Quite a lot sketchy actually.

We do have a few ideas buzzing around but we’d like more, much more in fact. And that’s where you come in. We really need the help of our community to give us great ideas and let us know what you want to read while the football takes a break.

And so it’s over to you. Please jump in the comments and talk to us. We want to hear from you, we want your great ideas and we will be guided by your suggestions. And please feel free to join in even if you don’t have any ideas. These are strange days and it really is good to talk.

And finally, thanks very much for reading our blog.

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