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Frenkie de Jong discusses Nouri’s signal about joining Barcelona

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The Dutchman has admitted it was a special moment

Barcelona V Real Sociedad Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

One of Ajax’s most promising players, Abdelhak Nouri was also one of their most inspiring. In 2017 during a friendly with Werder Bremen, the youngster collapsed during the match. The resulting studies showed he had permanent and severe brain damage.

Despite the serious nature of the injury, Nouri worked hard and began to improve. He’s out of his coma and has continued to progress. A very Frenkie de Jong moment took place when he told his former teammate where he would be heading in the off season.

“I sat down with him and his mother came in,” De Jong he said.

”Then she asked, ‘Appie, where should Frenkie go? To Barcelona?’

”As soon as she said that, his eyebrow shot up. It was a special moment.”

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