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Bartomeu makes it clear Barcelona won’t go bankrupt this summer

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The president has been talking finances

FC Barcelona Unveil New Coach Quique Setien Photo by Xavier Bonilla/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu made it clear to the media this week that the club weren’t going to go bankrupt. The president said this on the back of the first-team players taking a massive pay cut to help the club out in a trying time.

“The situation is complex, “ he said.

”Since March 14 Barcelona have had no income, but we would not go bankrupt in June.

”If nothing has been established by June, then there will be losses.

”If we do not restore normality, obviously there will be losses, and that is why we’re making these reductions.”

Bartomeu | Source

The club is in an unprecedented moment. Barca are dealing with an economic situation that football clubs haven’t really had to deal with before. Hopefully, as Bartomeu goes on to say in the interview, they’re indeed doing all they can to protect the club’s staff.