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Champions League could return without VAR

The inability to keep social distance in the replay room is a problem

Danish FA / VAR Presentation - Media Day Photo by Lars Ronbog / FrontZoneSport via Getty Images

The UEFA Champions League will return without fans, and possibly also without VAR, or video assistant referees. According to a new report, UEFA is expected to restart competitions without the use of VAR, because the rooms used to operate it are not conducive to social distancing.

There is a push to come up with a plan B in order to be able to continue using replays to help refs this season.

The French league is looking at ways to reorganize the VAR room to be able to maintain distance, or the use of plexiglass to separate referees.

Refereeing unions are urging football authorities to keep their safety in mind, along with those of players, fans, coaches, and other staff.

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