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De Boer says Coutinho didn’t fit the Barcelona puzzle

His role is too similar to that of Lionel Messi


Frank de Boer discussed Philippe Coutinho this week. The former Barcelona star said that part of the reason Coutinho didn’t work at Barcelona was not fitting in the puzzle. Basically, it came down to Coutinho’s role at Liverpool was far too similar to Lionel Messi’s role at Barcelona.

“I think Coutinho was a player where everything [went through] him, every ball went to him at Liverpool.

“He could probably do less work, basically what Messi does with Barcelona. If one is not doing it it’s fine maybe, they can handle that, but if it’s two similar types of players, that they also want every ball and have that special position in the team, then you see how vulnerable a team can be.

“I think we saw that with Barcelona. There’s only one that can do that now and that is Messi. I think Coutinho is an unbelievable player but sometimes he doesn’t fit the puzzle and maybe with another club it will go perfectly well.

“It doesn’t mean he is a bad player. It doesn’t mean that you are not a great player when you can’t play for Barcelona - no.”

Frank de Boer | Source

It’s hard to argue with this sentiment. Frankly, pun intended, it’s an interesting scenario to imagine Coutinho at Barca without Messi. Things might have gone differently, or not. Probably not.

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