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Rumors: Lionel Messi to speak publicly soon, Bartomeu offers to resign

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A huge day in Barcelona history awaits

FC Barcelona Training Session Photo by Miguel Ruiz/FC Barcelona via Getty Images

Lionel Messi will publicly announce his intentions to leave FC Barcelona, as club president Josep Maria Bartomeu will attempt to offer his resignation in exchange for him not leaving, according to reports.

The wording on this rumor is somewhat cryptic, but an Argentine journalist writes: “Messi had decided to speak in the next few hours...”

Apparently, Bartomeu has said that he will offer his resignation if Messi publicly announces he will stay on the condition that Bartomeu leaves.

However, another Tweet says Messi has already decided to leave Barcelona regardless of whether Bartomeu quits.

“The player’s decision is not just about the president. He feels that the club does not surround him with a sporting project that allows him to aspire to compete at the highest level.”