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Signature counts begin in motion to censure Josep Maria Bartomeu

Error rate reportedly low

FC Barcelona Introduce New Player Pedro Gonzalez Lopez - ‘Pedri’ Photo by Noelia Deniz/Urbanandsport /NurPhoto via Getty Images

Officials have begun counting signatures in a motion to formally censure Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu. Més que una Moció, the group organizing the movement, submitted 20,731 signatures, much more than the 16,521 required to launch a recall vote that could force Bartomeu out.

With so many extra signatures, it is expected that even with a particularly high error rate, the motion would be successful. An error rate around 3% is normal, but even one at 20% would not be high enough to put the number of good signatures below the required amount.

Around 3,800 signatures have been analyzed so far, and the error rate is reportedly between 2 and 3%. If a ballot is considered “doubtful,” they are forwarded to a handwriting expert. If he has doubts, the phone number associated with the signature is called to confirm. One in 20 are randomly sent to the expert as well. If a signature is considered valid, a confirmation is sent to the phone number via text message.

Unless something really unforeseen happens, there will be more than enough verified signatures for Bartomeu to face a recall vote. Two-thirds of voters must vote against him in order to force him out.

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