Sterling. Discuss.

Sterling is a major target for this winter window. It will be a loan with an optional/ mandatory buy option. He's a good player, often does well with England. Had a great Euros this year, and I think most of us know his quality. He peaked in 2018-19 season, but since that it has been downhill. Part of it could be becuz he plays for such a big team like Manchester City, with so much depth and quality, he has not played regularly.

Now, I don't think a loan with option to buy is a bad deal. Mandatory is a different story, but if we have the option, we can see for 6 months if he fits or not. However, he's just another Dembele. An exact copy of Dembele, just less injury prone. So I think it will only be useful if Dembele leaves. Honestly, I wouldn't mind either of them. Dembele's injury record is the only thing that scares me, along with his agents' behaviour during the negotiations. I'm a huge fan of Sterling so I would prefer him.

Now I really want to know what you think about the deal, and who out of the two would you pick (becuz I doubt we can have both)

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