Fati is a starboy

Lately, matchdays have not been something for us to be happy or excited for. And since we had been quite "bad" lately, I did not have high hopes from this match especially becuz it was Valencia and it's never easy to beat them. But Ansu starting and Aguero's inclusion surely gave something to look up to.

Starting with the team selection, it did seem a little weird as we had no natural Right Winger, but we have no wide midfielders either, so couldn't have been a 4-4-2 either. The One Football App showed Roberto as RB (hate to see it) and Dest as Right Winger. I was looking forward to Dest on he RW becuz he always tries to dribble past players, he's got the pace, and his crossing is obviously good. And he performed so good! Involved in the match through and through, gave a good assist for Coutinho's goal. I think we can occasionally try him as a Right Winger with Mingueza as Right Back. Not regularly tho, I'm not sure if that would work.

Ter Stegen too had a decent game, made a good save for Guedes' shot, and I doubt he could have done anything for Gaya's goal (what a goal though)

Roberto did nothing notably good, but did not mess up either. Alba was pretty good today, I liked his performance, defensively good and was linking well with Ansu, gave the cross for the penalty Ansu won. Good to see his attacks down the left flank. Garcia tho was troubled Guedes.

Midfield was sublime today. Busquets was good in possession, defensively looked a little vulnerable at times, but mostly he was good. Frenkie put up a top class performance, his box to box runs were once again haunting for the opposition defence. He was incredibly threating even from his standards. And then Gavi. He cannot be 16. I refuse to believe he is 16, such good passing, such good runs, very involved and lively. And "surprisingly" he picked up another booking. I like his aggression, but he's 2 yellow cards away from a one match ban he needs to be careful.

Attack was good too, without the header merchant. Dest on right Wing was sublime, Memphis played as a 9, and was pretty good at his job. He connected well with Ansu the entire match, and even got a good assist for Ansu's goal, that really looked like the cheeky assist Busi gave for Messi's solo goal (his doesn't really narrow down to which solo goal, he's got so many but I guess most of you know). Then that penalty was absolute thunder.

Now I'll write an entire paragraph for Ansu. This kid is different gravy. So involved in the match, connecting well with both Depay- the 9 and Alba, both of which have been very vital in our goals (not Depay, but the position of 9) since the past few seasons after Neymar left. His runs were brilliant, and he did lose the ball some times, but that's okay, after how good he did other than that, and he was coming after such a long injury so that's understandable. And he's a leader, his attitude after the 1st goal showed that. No big celebration, just get the ball and get going, 1 point isn't enough we need all 3 points. I swear this guy is Messi regen, and probably the only one worthy of the 10. Messi would have been proud. It's impossible to watch him play and believe he had been out for months, went under the knife 3 or 4 times. That's some elite mentality. Against Levante too he scored a good goal, and today's goal was a brilliant one too- both becuz of it's importance and also becuz how beautiful it was. He was the Man Of The Match for me

Aguero making his debut was another good moment yesterday. Quite involved in the little time he got, if only one of Depay, Aguero and Ansu could have played as a Right Winger, this would have been a decent front 3. Looking forward to his full debut.

Coutinho dropped his best performance of the season so far. Thoroughly involved after he was subbed on for Fati. Deserved that goal, and it felt quite good to see him bag a goal, especially becuz of all his struggles. Hopefully he only goes upwards from here.

After such a long and disappointing run, we finally had a good match. All the players were involved, contributing. hopefully this can continue.

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