Four reasons why retaining Koeman is autodestructive for Barca

Surely the money situation is very difficult and the financial loss will be painful, yet keeping Koeman instead of appointing an interim coach will create a much greater loss for Barca. No matter how many millions we owe Koeman, having him on will result in damage that will cost the club much, much more. Barca's identity is compromised. We are not sure who we are and the faith in the club is deeply eroded. The crisis is spiraling.

Below are the reasons why sticking with Koeman (even temporarily) will be disastrous for the club.

Reason one is the damage to the young Barca talent that this inept and unimaginative coach will inflict on bodies and minds of still agile and developing players. Koeman's mediocrity and limitations will stunt the development of the upcoming Barca youngsters and infect the fresh minds with emotional defensiveness and low standards. Koeman will hurt their morale and undermine their confidence. They will decline or drift away.

Reason number two is that Koeman, who already squandered his legend, is out to destroy all the wonderful legends who are still in the squad. Pique, Alba, Busquets deserve respect and admiration. Playing them in absurd formations, poor tactical set-ups and despite their gradual loss of top abilities is going to hurt the players and the club, annihilating the memories of their well deserved glory. That is absurdly unfair, cruel and mindless.

Reason number three is that the prolonged decline under Koeman will result in an exodus of our remaining established stars. There are reasons why FDJ, Ansu Fati, or Pedri should stick around a mismanaged club for several seasons. There are no reasons for them to suffer repeated humiliation that they did not contribute to. Those players will want to give their best years to winning or at least competitive projects. Koeman orchestrated decline will make them depart at the end of this season.

Lastly, the reason number four, being us the fan base. Barca's game has become unwatchable. We want to stick around, but to expect us to become masochists or martyrs and watch the club being destroyed by an opportunistic egomaniac on steroids is unreasonable. We can deal with defeats but watching this team become sterile, unimaginative, impotent has become too torturous even for the most loyal of fans. Barca is bleeding its support base.

We know not to expect miracles. All we hope is to see some spirit, skill and desire. Koeman provides none. Surely appointing an interim coach is not ideal but it will send a positive signal to the players and fans. An interim coach would be a sign that the club will not indulge in mediocrity, shoddy politics and resignation. It will stop the downward spiral. At least for now.

Nobody in their right mind has any illusions left about Koeman. At this point all of it on Laporta.

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>