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Xavi cancels Gerard Piqué’s next TV appearance

There will be other things Piqué won’t be able to do anymore

Davis Cup Presentation In Madrid Photo by Oscar J. Barroso / AFP7 via Getty Images

Xavi has brought back new disciplinary measures, which will prevent several players from doing things they’d grown accustomed to. And it starts with canceling Gerard Piqué’s forthcoming TV appearance on the light-hearted interview show, El Hormiguero.

The defender had already appeared on the humorous show in 2019, but he won’t be able to appear again as Xavi wants the team to get serious.

Piqué is a personal friend and former teammate of the new manager, but Xavi is not letting it affect his decisions. He is answering skeptics who thought he would go easy on his former teammates when taking the reigns of FC Barcelona.

The defender is also known for organizing sporting competitions, such as the Davis Cup. He will not be completely banned from all these activities, but he may have to scale some down.

For example, Piqué is an avid surfer, but he many not be permitted from doing that due to possible injury risk. And he may not be permitted from going around on a bicycle, as he once famously did in 2020 to attend a match.

Other activities with some risk may be called into question, such as the time Piqué posted a picture of himself testing his aim with an AK-47.

Another aspect Xavi wants to regulate is the players’ activities on social media and traditional media. Piqué often speaks frankly on the internet, and makes many appearances with Ibai Llanos, Spain’s most famous streamer who focuses on sports.

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