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Dani Alves accepts lowest salary permitted by La Liga

The veteran will take the absolute minimum salary he’s allowed to take

Presentation Of Dani Alves As New Player Of FC Barcelona Photo by Marc Graupera Aloma / AFP7 Getty Images

Dani Alves is back, and he has accepted the lowest possible salary permitted by La Liga’s collective bargaining agreement. The Brazilian will be the lowest paid first-team player in the squad, something he reportedly agreed to purely because he wanted to play for FC Barcelona once again.

That salary, by the way, is 155,000 euros per year, a sum that was set in 2015 . He will earn about 11,000 a month until the 30th of June.

The 38-year-old knows his former club is in a financial crisis. He has said his mission is to help the team recover its place amongst the top teams in the world. He hopes to be the veteran presence that will instruct the team’s talented youngster alongside new coach Xavi, his former teammate.

That salary is extremely low for a first-team player, let alone a famous player at the Camp Nou. Sure, Alves is surely past his prime given his age, but still. He could have found a much, much more lucrative opportunity somewhere - especially if it were not European football.

Alves’s choice to sign for such a low salary seems to suggest he is totally serious that this is all about his love for his club.

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