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Barcelona’s guarantor gives three reasons why Lionel Messi left

Some interesting comments...


A fellow named Jose Elias gave some interesting reasons why Lionel Messi ended up leaving the club this week. In case you aren’t familiar with who Jose Elias is, he’s Barcelona's highest guarantor. Elias gave three reasons why Messi had to leave the club.

“Barça also had some economic and organisational limitations,” he said. “So there were three reasons for which Messi could not continue.

“The organisation of the club’s wage bill: they had to tackle some salary reductions which were difficult to undertand. Two, we didn’t have money to pay him and we were doing handstands to pay him in installments, which is what they are doing in Paris.

“You have to delude yourself to believe that he could continue. And three, we have to generate a new team and new excitement and, with Messi inside, you could not do that.”

Elias | Source

Reasons one and two make sense, and he should have stopped there.

Reason three? That’s a problematic statement if I’ve ever heard one. What do you all think of the reasons?

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