First Xavi's game: what is still bad, and what is already good.

Xavi's mistakes, in my opinion:

  1. Substitution of Buskets. The first one to substitute in midfield was Nico. Nico not able to play full time, He gives to game his all (11/10 work ethic), but, combined with inexperience, it gives emptiness at the end and an injury hazard. Even I see it through TV - how is it that specialists (and systems, which modern top club must have) do not see this.
    Outcome is a bit obvious.
    I saw no sign of Busquets' fatigue. He played great, and without him there were immediate problems with possession. I can only assume that they decided to keep to Benfica. But they risked it.
  2. Minguesa. Great center def - but you have to be Koeman to consider him a good lateral. Like: he knows how to defend, he's fast, and then somehow. As far as I understand, Xavi simply had to use what he had at least somehow worked out, but this is no good. The right flank did not work, although Nico and the young attackers did theirs. The role of laterals in any system in the footsteps of Michels-Johan is crucial. The beautiful Lucho's Barça fell apart when Dani Alves was released and no replacement was found. I don’t know who should play. I would give Frenkie a try, given his versatility. But yesterday he was very much needed in his place, yes.

  3. Riqui-test failed. Puig don't won a place in start, but won a special nomination: touchstone for a management. I do not think, like some, that he is better than Pedri; but he is good enough for the start. Considering point 1, why couldn't he started instead of Nico? I understand that Xavi wanted to reward Nico for work ethic, but you need to know when to stop.

Besides that, I am happy. This is Barça, this is finally Barça again! It's a recognizable style, and it's six shots on target: is this squad really bad enough, Ronald, not to do a single one? This is a match won by any metrics (xG: 1.67:1.22, xT: 1.87:1.09, source: This is players, who know, what to do. And this - in a matter of days of work. Congratulations, maestro! Welcome home!
In honor of this, I will try to write here, if I have enough time. Forgive me the flaws, this is new to me.

UPD. Sad news about Buskets health force me to admit: that mistake is mine, Xavi made the substitution correctly. Respect to Sergio, who played like healthy!

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