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Camp Nou stadium to be used as site for mass vaccinations

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Barcelona’s home ground will be instrumental in combating coronavirus

Virus Outbreak Spain Photo by Adria Salido Zarco/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Catalonia’s health department is working on converting FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium into a site for mass COVID-19 vaccinations. The hope is to have the logistics and infrastructure figured out in anticipation of vaccination production ramping up.

New York’s use of Yankee Stadium as a vaccination site has been cited as a possible model to follow as the Catalan health authorities attempt to curtail the health crisis.

The Catalan government will have to work with Barcelona’s newest club president, who is scheduled to be chosen on March 7th, to finalize things. Joan Laporta, Víctor Font, or Toni Freixa will then give the final go-ahead to make the plan a reality.

The health department wants to use iconic buildings in Barcelona to boost vaccination participation. For that reason, it is said that Barcelona’s famous basilica, La Sagrada Familia, will also be a vaccination site. The government is exploring other options to help the vaccine campaign have symbolic power and encourage people to get the shot.

Coronavirus cases in Barcelona remain high, although they are falling from a peak in January.