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Laporta vows to ‘do everything possible’ to keep Messi at Barcelona

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‘It’s not about money. He needs a winning sporting project’

Barcelona’s former President Joan Laport Photo credit should read JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images

Joan Laporta has been talking about Lionel Messi’s future and says he will do everything he can to keep the captain at Barcelona.

The 58-year-old is the favorite to win the elections that are due to finally take place next month and be installed as president at the Camp Nou for a second time.

One of the big topics the new man in charge will have to sort out is Messi’s future, and Laporta has spoken about how the 33-year-old can be convinced to stay.

“I will do everything possible for Messi to stay,” he said

“Messi should be valued with the affection he deserved and with a suitable financial package, but it’s not about money. He needs a winning sporting proposal, Leo wants to win again with Barcelona.

“I know him well, I have a good personal relationship with him. He is not someone that is here for the money. He will need a competitive sporting offer because he’s a winner.”

Source | Sky in Italy

Recent reports have suggested that Messi wants to hear from the new president and see how the rest of the season goes with Barca before making a final decision on his future.