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Koeman blasts PSG for showing a lack of respect with Messi pursuit

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The Barcelona boss has responded to recent comments

Granada v Barcelona - Copa del Rey Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Ronald Koeman expressed some displeasure this week. The Barcelona boss’s displeasure came at the expense of PSG, in particular Angel Di Maria.

The PSG midfielder and Argentine teammate of Lionel Messi, spoke about the future of the Barca legend. In particular, his comments in relation to Messi joining him at PSG.

“I hope to renew with PSG, I am happy here. Yes, I hope (to play with Messi), I think there’s a big chance of it. I have to be calm, think about myself and stay in Paris because I’m very happy here.”

Di Maria | Source

Koeman was not a fan, saying that it showed a lack of respect.

Yes, for me, it’s a lack of respect. It’s not respectful to speak so much about a player that is still a Barça player.

“It’s not good. It’s a mistake to say something like that, it could add further spice to the Champions League game. It’s not fair. It’s not respectful towards Barça to talk about one of put players like that.

“[PSG] talk about Leo too much. He plays for Barça and, in addition, we have a two-legged tie against them coming up.”

Koeman | Source

The two teams will of course meet later this month in the Champions League.