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Araujo willing to make risky Barcelona return

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The defender is keen to rush back

Granada CF V FC Barcelona - Copa Del Rey Photo by Joaquin Corchero / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images

Ronald Araujo was the latest Barca defensive player to have an unlucky injury. The defensive stalwart was taken off after suffering a pretty bad sprain against Real Betis.

The normal recovery for an ankle sprain of this severity is fourish weeks out. That number sometimes bleeds into six weeks depending on the severity.

According to Mundo, the Barca man is willing to risk his overall fitness to return in time for the Champions League tie. The difficulty in playing through this type of injury isn’t so much in making it much worse, it’s more so the endurance to deal with the pain.

If he does make a quick return in time for the PSG match, you can be sure there are some pretty hefty painkillers involved. Let’s just hope for the long-term health of Araujo.