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Superleague: Barcelona and Real Madrid presidents not required to consult club members on decision to join

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The clubs are owned by common fans, but they are not legally required to weigh in

Electoral Day Of Ecuadorian Elections In Barcelona Photo by Pau de la Calle/NurPhoto via Getty Images

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are owned by its members, which are usually just common fans, but neither team’s president had to consult them over the decision to join the newly-formed European Superleague.

The decision to create a new competition alongside 10 other famous European clubs has been met with widespread controversy. But according to Spanish media, neither Joan Laporta nor Florentino Pérez were legally required to ask club members if they wanted to join this new competition.

Not only that, but the fact that this competition was in the works was kept under wraps from club members prior to the official announcement.

Both clubs have processes whereby the fans can bring it up during a board meeting, possibly forcing a vote to prevent their team from joining the Superleague. At the moment, though, this is all hypothetical.

At the moment UEFA is responding by threatening tough action should the clubs continue down their current paths. There has been talk of expelling the clubs from the UEFA Champions League effective immediately and banning their players from participating in the FIFA World Cup.