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Gary Lineker urges Barcelona to prove they are ‘Mes que un Club’

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The striker says his ex-club are ‘so much better than this’

Gary Lineker Photo by David Cannon/Allsport/Getty Images

Former Barcelona striker Gary Lineker has urged the Catalans to think again when it comes to joining the controversial new European Super League.

Dani Alves has already spoken out against the new league, and Lineker has added his thoughts on the plan which has already received widespread condemnation.

Here’s what he posted on Twitter on Tuesday:

La Liga president Javier Tebas has also had his say and is, predictably, fuming at the prospect of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid becoming part of the breakaway league.

Tebas hit back at Florentino Perez who said in an interview last night that “We are looking to save football” with the European Super League.

“I’ve already said last year that Florentino Peréz was very clueless, now he is lost. Neither football is ruined as he says nor the Super League, which is one of the problems, can be a solution. It would be the death of football.”

Source | Carrusel Deportivo

Meanwhile, reports in the UK suggest some teams may be starting to get cold feet about the whole plan and believe they are being “hung out to dry,” according to Sky Sports. One source reportedly said, “This is not what we signed up for.”