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Chelsea and Manchester City reportedly considering leaving Super League

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The two Premier League clubs have “doubts”


Chelsea and Manchester City have doubts about the newly formed European Super League, and most of the 12 founding clubs are not “fanatics” of the idea, according to a new report from England.

Citing an executive from another founding club, The Guardian newspaper reported that the two clubs were considering reversing course after intense public backlash and pressure from governments and football governing bodies.

Most teams reportedly joined because they thought they could boost their club’s finances, even if only by drawing concessions from UEFA, or simply because they feared missing out. Apparently, both City and Chelsea were a part of the latter camp.

Another “well-placed executive” however, said that while some hoped that clubs would start pulling out of the Super League, there was no direct evidence that they would actually do so.

FIFA and UEFA have strongly condemned the announcement of a Super League, intensifying a public feud that could radicalize the structure of world football.

There was no mention of where FC Barcelona stood on the subject, although newly elected club president Joan Laporta had previously expressed skepticism of the concept of creating a Super League.