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Barcelona will not join Super League unless members approve - report

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The proposal will be put up to a vote

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid - Basket Liga ACB Photo by Noelia Deniz/Urbanandsport/NurPhoto via Getty Images

FC Barcelona club president Joan Laporta will present the proposal to join the newly formed European Super League to the club’s members assembly, and the team will not join the new competition unless they approve, according to a new report.

This report has been echoed by other media which says the founding documents of the Super League carved out an exception for Barcelona, which reserved the right to consult the club’s members before finalizing their membership to the league.

Barcelona is not legally required to ask the members, as Laporta can make the decision unilaterally. However, the newly elected president had previously expressed skepticism about a Super League concept, so perhaps it’s not altogether surprising that the Catalans sought out an exception for themselves, which allows them to pull out of the agreement without penalty.

The club’s members usually approve the board’s proposals, but this could be an exception to that norm, given the widespread backlash against the Super League from fans, coaches, players, and pundits.

Laporta has reportedly already told manager Ronald Koeman of the proposal to join the Super League, and will soon speak with the team’s captains to reassure them about possible threats made by UEFA about banning them from certain competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup.

It’s also been reported that several clubs, such as Chelsea and Manchester City, are looking to reverse course on the Super League concept after the backlash.