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Laporta doubles down and says Super League is ‘a necessity’

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Not great from the president

FC Barcelona v Zenit St Petersburg: Turkish Airlines Euroleague Play Off Game 1 Photo by Rodolfo Molina/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has mostly been a fan favorite in his short return to the presidency of Barcelona. However, his recent comments on the European Super League haven’t done him any favors.

Despite most clubs backing out of the Super League and attempting to save face, Laporta has doubled down on the idea of the Super League and Barca’s place in it.

“We had a position and we still have one and we will explain,” he said. “The position is one of caution but it [Super League] is a necessity. On the other hand as it should be, our members will have the last word on it.

“It’s absolutely necessary that the big clubs, given that we generate a lot of revenue, we want to have the capacity to have our say on the sharing process. And also, we believe that it’s important that this is accompanied by an attractive competition based on sporting merit.”

“We are the defenders of maintaining local leagues and therefore, we are always open to dialogue with UEFA. That is the premise. Everyone wants to make football better and have the necessary resources to make it a great spectacle.”

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Not great Joan! Not great.