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Pique says Super League would “destroy” footballing ecosystem

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‘You’re destroying the whole system to achieve it’

Athletic de Bilbao v FC Barcelona - Spanish Copa del Rey Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images

Gerard Pique is a master of many things on the pitch. The Barcelona defender is also slowly becoming a master of footballing economics off the pitch. Given that Pique owns Andorra, a club in the third-division Spanish league, his business acumen has been getting better and better.

That knowledge has made his comments about the European Super League especially interesting. Pique has a stake in the domestic system and how they flow together, so it's safe to say he doesn’t like it, saying it would “destroy” the domestic football ecosystem.

“They’re saying that the domestic leagues are going to stay and remain competitive. But the numbers don’t fit. At the moment, the Champions League is getting €3.5 billion in TV revenue and they say the Super League could [eventually] triple revenue for the clubs.

“So, at first, they say the domestic leagues are going to stay, but the years are going to pass and then the banks and investment funds that have put in their money projecting this revenue are going to [want to see a return].

“And when it doesn’t arrive, the clubs will have to make a decision because there will be losses because it’s not sustainable. And the clubs will decide there will have to be weekend games and they will leave their domestic leagues. And there will be a competition Wednesday-Saturday.

“That’s how I see it. That it will slowly eat into the domestic leagues’ revenue stream. And that’s how the numbers add up. You’re destroying the whole system to achieve it.”

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