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Lionel Messi has “donated” 28 penalties to teammates

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Antoine Griezmann was the beneficiary against Getafe

FC Barcelona v Getafe CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Even though he was on a hat trick, Lionel Messi allowed Antoine Griezmann to take a penalty against Getafe. The Frenchman scored as time expired, securing a 5-2 win for the Catalans.

Messi is four goals ahead in the Pichchi Race, and tied for second place in the European Golden shoe race (alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, and behind Robert Lewandowski.)

Still, Messi didn’t mind passing on a great chance to score in order to help his teammate’s confidence, and it’s not the first time the Argentine star has been generous with the rights to take the scoring opportunity. In fact, he has “donated” 28 penalties to teammates, according to stats.

Messi has attempted 105 penalties with Barcelona, meaning he’s “donated” more than a quarter of them.

The biggest beneficiaries were Neymar (11), Luis Suárez (9), Samuel Eto’o (3), Griezmann (2), Philippe Coutinho (2) and Zlatan Ibrahimović (1).

Messi scored 81 of the 105 penalties he attempted, or 78%. His teammates scored 20 of the 28 penalties he gave up, or 71%.

Neymar took the most penalties of this sort, but he also missed the most. Of the 11 he took, he scored 6 but missed 5.