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Barcelona planning to have Camp Nou reopen for Atlético & Celta games

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Barça hope to get approval from the government to open up the stadium

Barcelona v Real Madrid - Supercopa Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

FC Barcelona is said to be planning the reopening of the Camp Nou to fans for their final two home matches of the season. The Catalans are working with local health authorities to have fans attend the matches against Atlético Madrid and Celta Vigo.

Barça hope to have the stadium at 25% capacity, which would mean 24,838 fans in attendance. They are weighing how to allot tickets, although they still need final approval from the government.

The two matches, particularly the one versus Atlético, will be pivotal as Barça pushes for the league title.

The plan is first to ask supporters which game they’d like to see, allowing them a chance to enter a lottery to get tickets. The lottery system would be similar to that used when giving out tickets for finals. In addition, a rotating system would be implemented, in which fans who have yet to attend a match will be given better chances of winning the lottery for later games. That points to the fact that Camp Nou may not be at full capacity next season as well, since not all fans would be able to attend one of the remaining two matches.

It is understood that Barcelona’s next home match, against Granada on Thursday, will still be without fans.