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Sergio Ramos says Real would’ve won more had it not been for Messi

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The Real Madrid man has been talking about the Barca captain

Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos is certainly not a fan favorite in Barcelona land. The Real captain has had his fair share of skirmishes and questionable plays on the pitch to make him a bit of an enemy of the club.

Ramos did have some interesting quotes in his documentary series, literally titled “The Legend of Sergio Ramos”. So many jokes, such little time.

He chatted a bit about how Lionel Messi had been a problem for Madrid and stopped them from winning as much.

We’ve suffered against Messi during these years,” he said.

“Perhaps if Barcelona didn’t have him, we would have won more titles.

“There was a time when we faced the best Barcelona in history. We had a great coach like [Jose] Mourinho, but it was hard for us to beat them.

“We didn’t win much and there was a lot of tension, caused by either them or by us.”

Ramos | Source

The two clubs meet again on Saturday with Messi set to equal Ramos’ record for appearances in the famous fixture. The Real Madrid skipper misses out with a calf problem.