Criteria for success - How to tell a good season from a bad 21/22

With the end of the transfer window and a kickoff in UCL after NT break seems a good time to consider, what would actually make this a good season for us. Fans want different things, but sometimes the same person wants different contradicting things. As we say in danish, sitting down between two chairs (that is wanting 2 things and getting none).

This has sometimes played in the favor of the few Koemanistas still out there as they can pick either measure to defend pretty much anything so I thought I would spell the 2 options out here and why they in the end af mutually exclusive.

1) Transition: this season is about transition. Away from the era of Messi, away from the era of the old guard. Metrics of succes should then be: a) amount of youth integrated into the team b) number of youth promoted. This would mean that losing games and not winning trophies should not matter. With the obvious exception of a target to qualify for UCL next season position, winning and trophies is not what really matters. Facing the fact that this season is about transition and ensure future success. By extension this would mean players like Demir, Puig, Nico, Gavi, Balde, Araujo and Garcia should play as much as possible to end top 4, several of them starting in every single game. Either Gavi, Nico or Puig should be in mid every game, Balde should often replace Alba on the left and Demir start ahead of MB while Araujo and Garcia should be the starting CBs. As long as there were positive signs of togetherness it should be youth over results week after week.

2) Winning: This season is about getting back to winning ways. To show we are competitive without Messi and retake LL and go deep or even win UCL. Metrics of succes: a) winrate b) trophies. Most games should be most seniors to bring needed experience but with a little amount of youth to balance. But the youth played should be those already well integrated such as Pedri so we're ready to win immidietly. This means playing Gavi, Puig, Balde and Demir as little as possible as they are not ready and with youth are too unstable.

Now I know some would say that doing both is the target here, that they are not mutually exclusive that we can both play youth and win many games. I personally think we look better when many of our younger players play. But what I'm saying is we should know which one of the two is the main target. Bc I see many on here defend in one game that youngsters are ignored bc this team should go places and in the next game defend Koeman for drawing against Bilbao bc this is a transition season. Well which one is it? If we're okay with drawing against Bilbao as this is a transition, then act like it. Personally I prefer playing youth and believe the results would follow if players like Roberto, Busi, MB and Pique were more often left out. And if that were the gameplan I would accept a L. But don't start as many seniors as possible and sub on Roberto and Lenglet only to cover behind transition as a get-out-of-jail card, we need to know what the goal is here.

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>