Barca's magical cycle

Another Barca cycle incoming. Valverde got sacked and smart people knew that that wont change much if we wont make a rebuild. So ofc very few here realised that because how could we forget 'its all coaches fault'.
But finally after even worse fail happened with fans-favorite coach... everyone knew a rebuild and/or a clear out is needed. Laporta even promised one. Well, we all know by now how his promises go.
So fans forgot what is the main objective and here we are as before with Valverde. Where it was all 'coaches fault' and we all pretend we have a strong team. The same familiar comfy mantra going on hour after hour, day after day, year after year.
Lets not forget what kind of clear out really happened... Suarez went to atm to get them Laliga title and we lost best player in history but somehow we think we are stronger than last year... oh and our defense is pretty much the same.
Koeman will get sacked soon-ish probably and we ll get a new coach and similar fails will happen and fans will realise a rebuild is needed once again and another cycle will be completed.
At least that is my prediction. Could be wrong ofc.

This post is not about supporting or not supporting our coach. That is literally every other topic on this channel. I m only interesting about the forgotten clear out and realistic expectations this season.

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