One more iteration...

I still remember when EV came up with the quote, "It is what it is." Yesterday, one of our dressing room leaders gave us an upgraded version which goes like this, "It is what it is. We are who we are." That got me thinking, what exactly are we? After reading countless articles and tweets, I reached this conclusion - We are AC Milan 2.0 off the pitch and Arsenal 2.0 on it.

I don't know what kind of setup makes Goretzka look better in midfield than Frenkie. I don't want to bash anyone but I've seen diminutive CAMs face opponent's shot more bravely than Garcia when he shied away from that fateful shot. Maybe Luuk is better when a cross comes in the box but he hasn't got legs to reach those or aggression to win aerial balls. One of our captains who hasn't yet agreed his salary cut as he believes he deserves better for being one of our better players was upset yesterday that fans are whistling him for not performing up to the mark.

Some positive signs came from the kids who, in my opinion were deployed not because they were believed in but because it was the only way to save face for someone. Don't tell me you believe in youngsters when you don't have guts to start a youngster instead of a player who was vomiting out of illness. Its not like you can't sub Alba in if Balde wouldn't have worked. Some people want us to believe that this is the best we can do. I disagree. For any team, not managing a single shot on target against any team couldn't be the best they've got to offer especially when they're playing in their home ground in front of home fans.

Bayern looked like they're playing a practice match. They strolled in Camp Nou looking calm and relaxed even though this was an UCL fixture. Apart from the slumped shoulders and defeated faces, there was a silver lining in this match for us - Araujo. The only thing missing from his profile is experience and I don't know how Garcia got ahead of him in pecking order. I'm truly baffled.

I don't even want anyone to be sacked. I don't even want our President to do something. I don't even want to see player transfers. I just want these guys to stop pretending that what happened yesterday was normal.


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