Do we want to grow or are we happy with the mid table mentality?

I was looking at the Barca Femeni players, including the one's that were out on loan. Last season we had Claudia Pina, Candela Andujar and Carla Armengol out on loan. The first two are forwards. Of the two, Claudia Pina is the one I am speaking about. She was a child Prodigy, teenage sensation and a star in the making.

While she was playing for Barca U15 team in 2014-15 season, she scored 100 goals in just 20 matches. She broke into the first team when she was just 16 years old. As she was scoring incredible goals and dribbling her way up the ladder with the team, she was sent out on loan last season to Sevilla. While there, she was able to produce what could be a best season for a Sevilla forward. She scored 9 and assisted 8 of the 42 goals that Sevilla scored in the league season. But that move, IMO, acted as a hurdle in her development as a Barca super star.

So what if Pina played with Barca last year instead of going out on a loan? She would have played under a coach who got his team to play beautiful possession based entertaining football and alongside some world class players. She could have won the Treble with this team. Would that hypothetical situation helped her in developing to an even better player?

Now why am I writing this here, its the thought that is bugging my head. The thought is, what will happen to our young players with the Barca Men's team if then continue playing under coaches like Setien, Koeman etc? Coaches who divert from Barca style and coaches who throw in the towel when there is a hurdle they think is insurmountable? This is like sending them out on loan to a mid table mentality team and it wont help them grow into world beating players as they prime.

We all know the current crop of young players have the potential to be the back bone of an all conquering Barca team in this decade and beyond. They have the potential to grow. they have shown that potential time and again.

But playing a defensive minded 532 against Bayern one day and playing cross and forget type game against Granada other day wont help them find their place in this team. Also the constant ridicule they face in the post match press conferences by the coach doesn't help them either.

Then there is this uncertainty of getting minutes as the young players are seen as burden rather than as opportunity. Alba was sick before Bayern and yet he was thrown in resulting in his condition getting worse. Balde had back problem before Granada and yet he was thrown in to prove the pro youth point and he had to go off earlier! Does this help Balde into growing?

Nobody is saying that these players will play a world class football and win every match on their own, but atleast they need the help to understand their strengths and a system that will bring these strengths together to play and win. Winning is a mentality and I dont see the young players get that in this Barca team.

So Mr Laporta, stop asking for patience and start being pragmatic. Barca is losing its way on and off the pitch. We are in an important moment in our history where we are seeing a transition that is being spearheaded by some incredibly talented young players. Don't let this go to waste by hanging on to a fallen legend. Sack Koeman, find a manager who can do what is best for the young players and get the best out of them. Lead us into this transition and onto glory.

Good news is that Claudia Pina is back where she belongs in a Barca team that plays Barca style football with a winning mentality.

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