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Klay Thompson: FC Barcelona is the Golden State Warriors’ inspiration

Their coach, Steve Kerr, introduced them to Barça’s philosophy

NBA Player Klay Thompson’s China Tour - Beijing Photo by DI YIN/Getty Images

NBA All-Star Klay Thompson has revealed that FC Barcelona is one of the inspirations for the Golden State Warriors, who have won four NBA Championships in recent years.

Their coach, Steve Kerr, is a fan of football and supports Liverpool FC. But when it came to finding a model to base his basketball team on, Kerr looked to “tiki-taka.”

This came to light when basketball legend Charles Barkley spoke with Thompson during a segment on TNT.

“You guys are the best without the ball that I have seen without the ball in a long time,” Barkley said.

”I give credit to Steve, he came in and he had a vision just to keep that thing hot,” Thompson replied.

“He gave us the perfect example in FC Barcelona, they call it tiki-taka. It’s just kick it to the open man, and with us it’s hit the open man, keep moving, and it just plays to me and Steph’s [Curry] strengths so much. As well as Draymond [Green.] ‘Cause Draymond can faciliate. Same with [Andrew Wiggins] and Jordan [Poole], it’s perfect.”

Thompson is a well-known soccer fan, having played the game for fun with his friends and met with Brazilian superstar and former Barcelona forward Neymar.

The tiki-taka style was innovated by Pep Guardiola when he was coach at the Camp Nou. He is now at Manchester City, while one of his pupils, Xavi, is Barça’s coach.

Whether Xavi can return Barcelona to their roots and find success like Guardiola did, that remains to be seen. Regardless, tiki-taka is clearly a model followed not just by many successful football teams, but across sports.

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