How blind can i be ?

Long time reader, first time posting for this weirdly composed community.

A quick thank you to all the members who made this blog a tremendous place to celebrate. A safe space - excuse the term for some of our more vigorous US friends - to share our sorrow; a theme that has prevailed lately.

I won't bore you with my own love story with the club. We all became Blaugrana THAT game, all over the world, and these are some thoughts of one of those.

Humility; it's essential to any true success. Funnily enough, it is also the quality that you most often first lose upon reaching your summit (multiple times i might add).

Have we blinded each other ?

Manchester United, our next UEL opponent. Appeared in both the 2009 and 2011 Champions League finals, they faced superior opposition and lost both games. They were managed by a great coach, a team full of legendary players, aging, but still able to produce on the biggest of stages.

<<Humility keeps you focused>>

How can we not be blinded by what we have achieved throughout this past decade ? I forgot the "Saviola" led team i first supported.

This is in no way a capitulation; we were, are, and will always be the greatest footballing team in history. The greatness of that era left me in awe, the intricate passes, telepathic understanding, killer instinct....

Friends, we are not that anymore, far from it.

We lack the humility to accept what we are now; this draw made me look inward.

<<Humility allows you to learn>>

Manchester United, our next UEL opponent, got Glazered. Terrible ownership, a one and half (and some) billion spent on a team, awkwardly composed, but with enough talent to compete locally.

On the biggest of stages, however, they always fell short.

The fans were pissed, then disappointed. Seasons went on and mediocrity prevailed, but not due to a lack of investment or will; far from it; the funds were there, in the wrong hands, leading to the wrong decisions.

Costly and misguided investments burdened an already sinking ship.

Terribly bothered by the current situation; the fans spoke.

An old face came to light, a boy from within, someone that understands the ins and outs of the club. He played there, achieved great success and was an iconic player for the club. Oleguer was young, inexperienced, but the fans loved him and the talent pool was there to keep him out of trouble. I prefer not to make any further comparisons.

End of thoughts.

(There was a third part.

Thinking about and writing an article on my brief and personal overview of the post 2015 era is freaking difficult.

I'm angry when I think about this club, its love, always will be, but for now I'm angry.

How stupidly in love I am.

I give you my uncompleted thoughts for the evening. We are facing ourselves in this match-up, the demons are the same, the hurt is the same).

We can't lose this one.

Visca El Barca,


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