World Cup lessons

Luis Enrique is not the guy

That Spanish squad was full of Barca players and if that's how he's going to use them in pressure games against organized defences, yeah thanks but no thanks.

Busi + Alba = finished

Great servants to the club, showed their love and commitment by taking the pay cuts but their time is coming to an end. Phase De Jong in, maintain Balde as first choice LB.

Just buy Hakimi already

Laporta is a baller. If he weren't he wouldn't have "pulled levers" to spend all that money in the club's most financially unstable moment in decades. He needs to do it again and buy the best RB/RWB in the world ASAP. Kounde looked like a fish out of water in that final. When everyone's fit, our squad is one world class RB away from truly competing in Europe again.

World Cup > CL

A lot of Barca fans were more excited watching Argentina which had zero Barca players than Spain who had our core youngsters. I wonder which eternal internet debate they were settling in their heads but it just proves the World Cup means everything. You can't pretend it's meaningless then watch and celebrate it with such fervour just because your guy wins it.

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>