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Messi talks leaving Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sergio Aguero and PSG

The GOAT has had a lot to say

Argentina Training Session in San Mamés Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Lionel Messi is currently on international duty with Argentina and has given an in-depth interview to TyC Sports where he’s spoken about a wide range of topics.

The GOAT spoke about his shock Barca exit, his time at PSG, what he made of the Champions League and how much he misses Sergio Aguero.

Here are some of the main talking points from his interview.

Messi on leaving Barcelona

It was really difficult to understand what happened, I wasn’t expecting to leave Barcelona - it was a shock, I had everything in Barcelona. I left when I was very young. What’s more: I lived more in Barcelona than in Argentina. The truth is that I had no plans to change anything. Luckily, the children’s adaptation was spectacular. For Antonella and me it was more difficult.

Messi on PSG

I think about being able to reverse the situation, about not having the feeling of having changed clubs and that it didn’t go well for me. And as you said, I know that this year is going to be different, I’m already prepared for what’s to come, I know the club, I know the city, I’m a little more comfortable with the dressing room, with my teammates and I know it’s going to be different.

Messi on being whistled by PSG fans

It was new for me, it’s a different situation. It had never happened to me in Barcelona but quite the opposite. The situation of the people and the anger for the players we had, for the team we were and because another year [went without a Champions League title], the anger is understandable.

Messi on who should win the Ballon d’Or

I think there’s no doubts, it’s clear Benzema had a great year, topping it off with the Champions League, where he was key from the round of 16 onwards in all the games. I think there’s no doubt this year.

Messi on Real Madrid

Without taking anything away from Madrid, because they are the champions of Europe and they’re always there or thereabouts, but they weren’t the best team of this Champions League.

The Champions League is about situations, key moments, psychological moments that take a team, where the slightest error can eliminate you and the those who are best prepared for those situations end up winning or reaching the final.

Messi on comments about Lewandowski and the Ballon d’Or

Everyone says what they want and obviously he can express himself and say what he wants. I honestly do not share what he said, but I did not give him more importance either. That’s it, he stayed there and he says what he wants and I’m not interested.

But the words I said at that time were from the heart and because I really felt that way . I said that he deserved the Ballon d’Or before, because the previous year had seemed to me that it had been the best, but the year that I won it, he was not the best. I just said that.

Messi on effects of Covid

The truth is that he hit me very hard. Symptoms very similar to those of the majority fo people I suppose. A lot of cough, sore throat, fever. It left me with many sequelae in the lungs. I couldn’t train. I came back and I was like a month and a half without being able to even run because it had affected my lungs.

Messi on Aguero

We weren’t really aware of what happened to him, right? At least I saw him from afar and I didn’t understand the situation until I was able to talk to him and I really saw that it could have been a lot worse. But he is a special person, he has a different personality from everyone and that made him take it the way he did. Obviously he must have suffered and cried in solitude or with his relatives, but luckily he quickly found another way and he’s fine, he looks good, he enjoys what he does.

I was by his side all day [with Argentina], we got up together, we went to sleep together, and the truth is, yes, he is missed. For me personally a lot but I think the group too.

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