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Selling off the Crown Jewels was inevitable for Barcelona

Vote has to go Laporta’s way

FC Barcelona v Rayo Vallecano - La Liga Santander Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

You’ve got to hand it to Joan Laporta.

Like him or loathe him, there’s no denying that the man has charisma. Compare and contrast his demeanour with that of Josep Maria Bartomeu by way of example.

A little bit of spiel does not a good president make of course, though through word and deed, Laporta does, at this stage at least, appear to be making good on as much as is practicable.

The situation that faced him and his board after winning the election cannot be underplayed, and even if you take the view that there may well be some sleight of hand underpinning some of what is happening at this moment, frankly, culers have little option other than to trust the process.


Laporta certainly hasn’t been afraid to make the unpopular decisions, with the furore surrounding Lionel Messi’s contract renewal the prime example.

Once again the president finds himself in the firing line, after admitting that it would be in the club’s best interest to sell up to 49 percent of Barca Licensing & Merchandising as well as a portion of the club’s TV rights.

By activating those financial levers, it would, according to Laporta, afford the club the opportunity to balance the books and improve the salary limit.

Theoretically, that would also be the point at which Barca could tie down the likes of Gavi for the long term, go full steam ahead for Robert Lewandowski and look to keep the likes of Ousmane Dembele and Frenkie de Jong. Not to mention registering Franck Kessie a and Andreas Christensen.

Netherlands v Poland: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 4 Photo by Marcel ter Bals/Orange Pictures/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Laporta’s recent oratory place Barca as the patient in the emergency room that needs to be moved onto a ward in order to complete the cure, and without a successful vote at the special assembly which is being convened later this week, the club is unlikely to be able to be brought back to life.

It was a pitch to tug at the heart strings of everyone with blaugrana running through their veins.

Loathe that many supporters will be to admit it, it was somewhat inevitable that it would come to this. Some might even consider it a huge retrograde step.

However, going ‘backwards’ to allow a purposeful future has to be considered a positive decision in this instance.


What other choice do we have…?

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