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Barcelona journalist’s awkward dance while Luis Suárez watches - inside the weird world of Gerard Romero

Gerard Romero is a character, but he has the info people want

Streaming Photo by Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images

You may have heard of Gerard Romero. For years, he has been one of the journalists with the most knowledge and connections when it came to FC Barcelona, particularly transfers. For 14 years, he worked for RAC1, a Catalan radio station. These days, however, he is a Twitch streamer.

Wearing a hat, glasses, and a beard, Romero breaks news in animated fashion. He loves to joke around, move around, and tease stories. Every day you can hear him give important updates, but not before lots of vague teasing. “Something is happening,” “things are getting hot,” “movements are being made,” he loves saying things like that.

And one of the things he also does is perform a facsimile of a haka - the ceremonial dance of Māori culture that the New Zealand rugby team made famous worldwide - whenever he gets a subscriber.

He’s so committed to this haka that he even does it when he’s interviewing someone important, as Luis Suárez came to find out. During his interview, a notification dinged letting Romero know someone had subscribed.

The amount of money Romero gains from a single subscriber is miniscule, but it can add up to a lot. Regardless, he went into celebration mode, something for which Suárez was not prepared. Just watch:

“Wait a moment, ok?” Romero asks as the Uruguayan looks on in confusion.

The drumming and chanting starts as Romero dances in his seat.

“I have to thank the people,” Romero says while dancing.

The whole ordeal lasts about 20 seconds, and Suárez does not speak, only looks on in bewilderment.

After the song and dance number is done, Romero rings a plastic bell. Finally, the striker asks: “What was that?”

“This is my hustle now, Luis. The people subscribe to me so I can live,” Romero answers.

“Ahhhh,” Suárez says. “And this is how you make your living these days?”

“At the moment, yes,” Romero answers.

Suárez can’t contain his laughter after that.

“What are you laughing at?” Romero asks.

If you see anyone referencing Romero, just know this is the guy we are referencing. And while he may be a bit unusual, he is known for having good information.

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