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Payments to Negreira could have been a way to hide bonus money for club executives

The theory says the execs were trying to hide extra payments to themselves

Extraordinary Meeting Of The Board Of Directors Of Real Madrid Photo By Gustavo Valiente/Europa Press via Getty Images

A new theory is gaining ground, at least in the local media, about the Negreira case.

FC Barcelona is under investigation for having paid José María Enríquez Negreira, who was at the time the vice-president of the referee’s committee in Spain. Why exactly the club paid a total of 7.2 million to him is a source of debate, but one thesis says it was a way of hiding extra salary to club executives.

Firstly, they say that it would be hard to get much refereeing help through payments to Negreira. There is no smoking gun of such a thing happening. No referee has admitted to it and no definitive proof of it has been found.

Secondly, they argue that it would have involved many refs over the years, which would be difficult to keep under wraps all this time without some proof coming out. And, Negreira did not have the authority to assign referees or promote or demote them. So it would be hard to get much results by buying him off.

So, the theory says, the payments were all about giving certain people within the club extra income, that they really should not have.

It’s been reported that a lot of the money given to Negreira was paid in cash and then passed on to other people in Barcelona. This was basically, a way to steal money from the club’s treasury, as the execs should not have been paid those amounts.

Negreira reportedly produced reports on referee’s performances for the club to see. However, the amount paid was said to be inflated given what someone would usually charge for that amount.

The theory is that he was charging extra because part of the money paid was going to the execs, and part was given to him for being a willing participant of the scheme.

Is the theory correct? That is hard to say, but we await the various investigations to reach their conclusion.

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