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‘Ceasefire’ between Joan Laporta/Barcelona and Javier Tebas/La Liga

There is some optimism that the relationship between the two organizations can be repaired

Javier Tebas Press Conference In Madrid - La Liga Photo by Oscar J. Barroso / AFP7 via Getty Images

The president of FC Barcelona and the president of La Liga have both signaled that there could be a more cordial relationship going forward between the two organizations. However, skepticism exists that this temporary ceasefire will not last.

“We are in a moment of good institutional and personal relations between the two institutions and the two presidents. In life we go through different stages, and now we are in a good one with La Liga. Our personal relationship has restarted,” Laporta said.

“You all know it, it’s difficult when face-to-face to not to be comfortable with Joan,” Tebas said.

Barcelona’s spats with La Liga even led to the club calling for Tebas’s resignation at some point during the season.

Issues relating to FFP and the so-called “Caso Negreira” were the main concerns that drove the two entities apart, into an awkward, tense situation.

Barça accused Tebas of sending false evidence in the Caso Negreira, which relates to payments given to the former vice-president of the referees’ association.

Now, the Negreira case could be in the rearview mirror, or at least so Barcelona would like to think. Threats that the club could be banned from the UEFA Champions League have dissipated.

And the sales and exits of high earners over the last few transfer windows has given Barcelona some room to work with as far as FFP.

“They improved what they had to improve, but they still have things to do. They are working and doing them,” Tebas said in regards to Barcelona’s high wage bill.

“I am satisfied that he is doing the homework that he has to do for the club. It is a very important effort, and it is very hard, but it is for their own good. I am happy, not because of what has been done, but because work is being done for the benefit of the club.

“If they continue to work as they are working, they will be able to register without problems,” Tebas said.

Whether this new stage of the relationship between the two organizations and the two men will continue is hard to say.

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